How To Make Your Teeth White Using Charcoal I Carbon Coco: Review

Introducing you to the new innovative way of whitening your teeth using active charcoal, it’s natural, organic and best of all it is easy to use!

One day I was scrolling down my Instagram and I saw an ad about Carbon Coco and I found it interesting that someone could get whiter teeth by simply brushing their teeth with charcoal. I had to give it a try!

*Comes with a tongue cleaner*

I received my package on time and it was neatly wrapped with all the good stuff. I received:

  • 1 Toothbrush
  • 1 Tongue Cleaner
  • 1 Tooth Polish
  • 14 Packaged Coconut Oil Pulling

After the first try using the tooth polish prior to brushing my teeth normally, I felt my teeth being extra squeaky and clean and instantly my teeth appeared shiny! Seems unreal but you actually see a difference when you first use it.

Following the next morning, I grabbed one of the oil pulling packs and swirled it for 10 minutes. Right after I brushed my teeth normally, my teeth was visibly more clear and whiter! Though it is time-consuming (given that it’ll only take 10 minutes extra to add to your morning routine), but if you’re looking to get a few shades whiter for that picture perfect smile, I definitely would recommend giving Carbon Coco a try.

Who said you have to use this whitening method everyday! Just store it in your closet and use it for the next big event that comes around but be sure to use it 14 days ahead of time to receive maximum results.


  • Effective
  • Easy steps
  • Quick
  • Natural ingredients


  • Messy (Tooth polish)
  • A bit of the tooth polish gets stuck in the gums but not too noticeable (just floss prior to applying)

It doesn’t end here. Active charcoal has many benefits other than removing stains off your teeth. Active charcoal can be seen in a variety of products and used for other things including skin, hair, and body products. It is well-known for its whitening effects but it also helps to detoxify the body when consumed with lemonade. There are different companies that carry whitening methods that contain charcoal ingredients. Not to mention, if you’re on a tight budget, you can purchase active charcoal or coconut oil at your local health food store or get the full package at Carbon Coco.

Here’s a short how-to video by me. Enjoy!

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