Let’s face it, we all wish we could be a morning person. The night before, we tell ourselves that we’ll get enough sleep to wake up early and to get a good breakfast in and be on time. Before you know it, you hit your snooze button one two many times and suddenly, you’re rushing to get out the door looking decently put together to begin your day.  All things considered, it is possible to transform your old habits and get you up on time! It is a matter of changing your routine and believe it or not, mornings can be the best part of your day.

We all know that sleeping has many advantages to our body, mind and overall health and that 8 hours of sleep is ideal, for a good night rest. This is simple math but if we sleep at 10 pm then waking up at 6 am is no problem. Unfortunately, getting to bed is perhaps the core reason we are unable to wake up on time. Again, it is possible to change our sleep cycle so we can wake up feeling good, happy and productive! If you follow these steps, at the end of your day you will feel less stressed and more accomplished, heres how.

Get up at the same time everyday

The first step of being a morning person is waking up at the same time everyday, even if that means sleeping at 10 pm or 12 am. Slowly your body will eventually get tired day by day if you continue to wake up at the same time, say 7 am everyday. This includes weekends, but truth be told I am guilty for sleeping in, so staying relatively close to the usual time you wake up on weekdays is preferable. For instance, if you wake up at 7 am on weekdays, you can give your body a break and sleep in an hour or two extra on weekends. Once your body gets into the habit, you won’t even need an alarm anymore, you’ll be a natural!


The willpower to go to sleep early is a struggle, I get it. Try setting an alarm at 10:30 pm or at-least an hour before bed, to tell yourself to “turn off computer/cellphone” or “dim down your bright screen”. The darkness compared to a bright screen will allow you to settle in night-time mode and get you ready to sleep earlier and be less distracted.

Learn to say “no” to food and caffeinated drinks, being too full or hungry can cause discomfort and keep you awake. Are you somebody who has trouble sleeping? Try picking up a book to read and remind yourself to read one chapter a night before bed, it is known to be one of a great stress reliever!

The faster you can de-stress, the faster you can sleep.

Create a routine

First thing you wake up, you should be making your bed, but everyone has their own ways of doing things. So, make a list of routines that you normally would do when getting up from bed and follow this every morning. For instance:

  • Make your bed once you get up
  • Put on some bumping music
  • Drink a glass of cold water
  • Take a shower
  • Get dressed and do your makeup and hair

Having a schedule will allow your body to adjust and make getting up and getting ready easy and simple to follow.

Turn on your fave music

Music is very motivating when your listening to the right ones and it can play a huge factor on our mood. Playing upbeat and cheerful music in the morning can increase your happiness and make you feel like your being extra productive. While in the shower or before getting ready, turn your favourite music on and start grooving with the beat. Try it!


Do you blank out in the morning and wonder what you’re suppose to do or can’t figure out what to wear? Are you a person that skips breakfast because your’re in a rush and have nothing to take on the go? One solution, two words, plan ahead!

Having a purpose in the morning is always a good idea to consider. Start by making a to-do list the night before, so you know exactly what you need to get done the next morning. Plan out your outfit the night before and lay it out ready for you to put on in the morning. Make your life easier and pack your meals a night before or schedule once a week to prep your meals for the entire week. That way, you can easily take it on the go and start feeling more energized and ready to kick start your day.

You are more likely to make healthier decisions if you follow this routine. Less stress, more time on your hand, while staying healthy and in shape.

Stay positive and productive!

Who doesn’t love a good atmosphere and positive energy from others? Simply smile first thing when you wake up, this will increase the likeliness of staying in a positive mood the rest of your day. Faking a smile won’t hurt but try thinking about something that makes you happy. What are you grateful for? Are you looking forward to that next event with that special someone? Did you receive something nice from that special someone (like a cute morning text)? If you’re somebody that answered nothing or no. I would suggest taking a different approach and try planning a small dinner with your friends or something that you can look forward to.

Negativity gets you no where, positive vibes only.

Thanks for reading! What are your tips to waking up early or going to bed on time? Have any other suggestions?  Leave a comment.

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