Personally, I have been using a Clarisonic device for over 3 years and the results I got from using it on a daily basis made me a happy girl! I noticed my pores were getting smaller and best of all I was getting less blemishes and pimples. The brush head has thousands of moving bristles that provides the best cleansing efficiency and it helps to get rid of the excess makeup and dirt clogged in my pores.

It has many benefits since I am able to use the device as an alternative way of exfoliation, since the brush head is gentle yet powerful enough to remove oils, dirt, sunscreen, environmental pollutants that cause breakouts, so you can achieve, softer, smoother and healthier looking skin. You won’t be disappointed and it is a smart investment, if you’re somebody who are looking for a skin care solution for clearer and smoother skin.



It is great for all skin types and I used to use it everyday AM and PM but after 2 years, I now only use it in the PM since my skin is clearer than ever! I put my cleanser directly onto my face and run warm water under my Clairisonic brush and then gliding it directly onto my face for 1 minute and viola! I feel super clean and refresh and I will never go back to just using my hands to cleanse. Definitely recommend this device to everyone and it would make a perfect gift.

When you purchase your own personal Clarisonic it comes with a

  • Clarisonic device (Multiple of colors to choose from)
  • Brush head (Sensitive – All skin type)
  • Portable charger
  • Guide/instruction booklet

Use code: PLUS20 at checkout to receive 20% off and a FREE brush head with the purchase of any device!

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